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SlowStick pictures with the Sony and Z-Log altimeter 9/27/2004

Early evening shot from 235 feet high. This is a Sod Farm just south of us.

Warning! These are 5.1 megapixel pictures - 3.3MB in size.

Another from 259 feet

Finally another from 300 feet



DSC-P100 neighborhood pictures 8/10/2004

Here's the original 5.1 megapixel shot from the air 2592x1944

This is the same picture reduced to 800x600

Here's a 640x480 slice out of the original for comparison



My Newly A/P Modified SlowStick 8/9/2004

My Modified SlowStick. Total AUW with Sony DSC-P100 is 26 oz.

Carbon Fiber on LE of Wing(w/ Brass Tube) and Tail.

MonoCote Tape and CF rods on LE and across Dihedral Span

CF rod on LE of Tail

CloseUp of Tail reinforcement

Nose Shot of Raised Motor Mount and Front-firing Camera Mount

Top of Paint Stirrer Mount w/ E-FLite Park370 Brushless Motor (Himaxx 2015-4100 clone)

Side of Masonry Band front-firing Camera Mount

Head-on view of Sony DSC-P100 5.1MP camera (6.5 oz with batt and 512MB MS-Pro)

Landing Gear reinforced with hobby wire and CA'd to strut. Soft Velcro button for protection.

Mount is held by a single screw and washer.



Our First Flight

Blaine and I hand launch the Aerobird Challenger with a nose-mounted EyeCAM

(It was a little too windy so this one might upset your stomach)

 Aerobird Video

XE-2 Flying Wing - second attempt

Blaine and I hand launch the CombatWings XE-2 with a nose-mounted EyeCAM

(Much smoother flight.....until the end!)

As Tom Petty sings, "What goes up.....Must come down......I'm Learnin' to Fly"

XE-2 Video

First flight of the 100+mph EdgeRC Devastator

Blaine had trouble keeping up with this little fella and a couple of runs

from the Sun didn't make his job any easier.  Man this thing is fast!

 Devastator Video

Flying and catching the Brushless XE-2

Added a brushless Aveox 27/14/3 motor to the XE-2 and now she really flys!

Heck, I even caught it!

 XE-2 Catch Video

Devastator from the Cockpit

Blaine and I hand launch the Devastator with a nose-mounted EyeCAM

Pretty rough flight and too much glare.  I need to put non-reflective tape on the nose.

Devastator NoseCam Video


Father's Day 6/20/2004

Just me and the family out at 131st and Sheridan

(taken with Aiptek Pencam SD on Combatwings XE-2)

100 feet up

120 feet up

200 feet up

250 feet up

300 feet up

40 feet up

70 feet up

80 feet up

Arkansas River

Looking East

Looking Northeast

Looking Southeast

Looking South-Southeast


Sunday 7/18/2004

Playing around with the Sony DSC-P100 (5.1MP)

The SlowStick and Aerial Photography Setup

Closeup of Custom Mount and Sony DSC-P100 (servo driven off 4th channel)

This is from about 200 feet taken on 7/22 at about 8am